Dear Simulation Educators and Enthusiasts,

Turkish Association for Medical Education and Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine are organizing the fourth regional conference on simulation in health sciences.

We are very pleased to welcome participants with an interest in simulation from Eastern Europe, Middle East and beyond. The countries in this region have a common history and culture. The health professionals of these countries have similar communities to serve and students to teach, have lots of experiences in the field of simulation but unfortunately, cannot represent their works at well-known huge conferences. We can find opportunities to show our expertise, share it with our neighbour colleagues and become an authentic com- munity of practice in our region. We are excited to welcome participants from all healthcare professions in the continuum of health sciences education.

This meeting offers participants the opportunity to meet, share their experiences, and begin to collaborate. 

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

Prof. Melih Elcin                                                                     Prof. Sina Ercan
President, Turkish Association for Medical Education      Dean, Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine